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A fitting ending

The pieces came together. A few months ago a friend asked me to make a leather case for flashlight. He wanted it made from a piece of moose hide that came from a moose he hunted with a bow and arrows, harvested very close to our home. Part of his payment was the remaining leather. It dawned on me that this was the most fitting finish for my Buddha’s eyes 👍👀💗. The animal was taken in a respectful way with care and used for subsistence. Perfect. 🙏 I added another row of glow in the dark beads to make this honor of Buddha shine both in the light and dark.

The fitting ending came full circle when on Christmas morning a cha-ching from Etsy let me know that the coolest spin teacher from San Francisco (my most loved supporter) purchased it as a Christmas🎄🎁from her brother. Honoring me as she has done before with her most generous and kind heart. I send it off to her today knowing how loved it will be. Peace and aho ✌❤🦌

Rebecca Solnit: Let This Flood of Women’s Stories Never Cease | Literary Hub

This is really powerful reading. It’s time for positive, meaningful change 💫🌎👊

My ethical dilemma

For a long time I’ve wanted to bead Buddha’s eyes. I did, and I really feel good about the way they turned out. Wanting to make a bag with this on it was my plan. My ethical dilemma being Buddha’s eyes on leather? On one hand a leather bag is a beautiful canvas for a revered human teacher. Knowing the leather probably didn’t come from a well treated and respected animal, harvested in an honoring way made that decision sadly easy. Though I would hope in other circumstances like when i do use these goat skins, purchasing said leather supported an elderly man’s small business and my personal reverence towards the skin honors its life. I wear fur and leather. I use leather in my work, I recycle whenever I can. Here’s one thing about using upcycled or recycled leather or fur. By reusing anything👊you commit an act of kindness and care about preservation towards our planet🌎. Fellow humans as well, but we are the source of the mistreatment🐾 so no kudos for us.👎Along the beading road, I have met virtually many wonderful, crazy talented people. Two come to mind in my mental narrative here. John and Debbie of Thunder Rose Leather. They make beautiful hand worked laced leather bags and other pieces with or without Debbie’s lovely beadwork. The part I’m getting to here is they also have a supply shop on Etsy, there’s a good assortment beads, though best of all they sell boxes of leather scraps and hand cut lacing. Most of my barrettes are backed with their recycled material and that makes me feel alright in the head and heart. Their bags are awesome and there’s lots of great uses for beautiful beads and leather, so be amazing and check out their shops.⚡🌹 Back to the beginning, I figured I’d do some googling to see how Buddha actually lived this. Not hurting another living thing aside, survival is a compelling part to the conundrum. Certainly our abuses and overuse of just about everything is reason enough to just say no more in the head of any truly earth saving concerned human. But this one lives in a cold❄ place. Subsistence hunting is a big part of Alaskan life. I wish I was a great hunter. I’m definitely not (though I have butchered, skinned and tanned wild game) and am a pacifist that believes guns along with alcohol are rapidly escalating the demise of our species. I can’t own guns. Just me. Almost everyone else here does. See how many roads this ethical dilemma takes me down? The Tibetans live in a cold place, they respectfully eat meat and wear their hides and wool and practice Buddhism, no fly killing. Not a brainer and I find that same rational peace myself. I try to not buy much new and when i do source ethically and with care. Now, either I find a brain tanned moose🦌hide (feel free to comment a source) to put this on or I make a bag of textile. There’s a nice material like leather made from pineapple🍍 I’d need to win a sweepstakes though, it’s costly. Maybe someday things will reverse and become rational, conservation and preservation will rule, all of the planets inhabitants will thrive and we’ll be walking around on pineapples while breathing fresh air. We’ll see, I’ll come back with more when i come up with more. Aho and peace

Eco-fashion’s Inconvenient Truth – About ethical clothing and sustainability

Using leather sparks many flames, here’s a great article to fan the fire with…

the next day

Obsessing to perfection is something I’ve learned over time to be completely unnecessary for ones well being. 😉 Don’t get me wrong, my work is technically tight. As the eyes age my perception of my work changes. I’ve always been a squinter, I like to blur my eyes to get a feel for things. And what really brought this all together was the realization that I could let go or get over something going on in my life by simply chilling on a wrong color bead or a slight of center. Kind of like a mind freeing portal. In my head there’s no such thing as a mistake, only a chance to learn something new or see something differently.

nothing’s shocking

It’s becoming increasingly disturbing to read what’s going on in the world, logging out of Facebook literally because I’m sick to stomach and my empathic heart is sore from breaking. That said, here I sit at my bench, listening to janes addiction, doing what will not make me feel hopeless and crappy, bead…and try to keep kids motivated at their studies. So they will be brilliant and save the world from itself.